Apom Guan at Burma Road

Bite size sweetness and the cheeky uncle

Apom Guan at Burma Road

There's a saying — Do one thing and be really good at it. This man has been doing what he do for over 50 years, we think that he has mastered his crafts and make the best apom you can find in Penang.

Along Burma road, there's a whole stretch of eateries ranging from coffee shops to restaurants.

But we're not going talking about those in this post.

There's this stall that has been around for ages and continues to attract crowds, be it the locals or tourists.


Apom Guan at Burma Road

We call him Uncle Guan or better known as Apom Guan for the elder generations.

His stall is currently located right in front of the Union Primary School, on a busy street with good amount of traffics going on day and night.

Apom Guan Pancake at Burma Road
Malaysian Style Pancake

Uncle Guan is famous for his traditional Malaysian Pancake (Apom).

A type of local pancakes that comes with a layer of batter rich in coconut milk, sandwiching thin slices of bananas, grated coconut and sweet corns.


His cookware is a griddle made of nine-holes, which he skillfully fills up with batter and cover with lids.

Half way through the cooking, he opens the lids to flip over the pancakes to add slices of banana and sweet corns while letting the other side to cook evenly. (ask for extra banana if you prefer them sweeter)

Apom Guan at Burma Road
The 9-holes Griddle

This process is repeated over hundreds of times, everyday; as these heavenly made sweetness are only selling for about RM3.00 for every five pieces. You can imagine how the process is repeated over hundreds of times daily.

At about palm size, the apoms are fluffy enough on the inside with the crunch of corns and sweetness from the banana slices. One will find that 5 pieces per person is usually not enough.

Note: On busy days, you may have to "drive-through" or have someone waiting in the car further away while you walk over to buy; this street is really busy and hard to find a parking spot.

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