Bark Thong Hokkien Mee at Burma Road

The strong flavoured prawn soup will get you all drenched in sweats even before mixing in the chili paste.

Bark Thong Hokkien Mee at Burma Road

Known to many as the Sin Wah Kopitiam Hokkien Mee, the famous Bark Thong Prawn noodle has moved its stall to the Shark Food Court (previously Parma Hawker Center) located at Burma Road, opposite Shell petrol station.

This may not be one of those super famous Hokkien Mee; but its prawn and pork soup base hold itself up against those more well known stalls.

Bark Thong Hokkien Mee since 1960s

Started since the 1960s, the Bark Thong Hokkien Mee has been around for nearly six decades.

They have been serving this same bowl of goodness from the Sin Wah coffeeshop for a long time.

Bark Thong Prawn Noodle

Currently, this same stall have moved to the Shark Food Court, opposite of Shell Petrol Station along Burma Road.

The soup itself even before the chili paste was mixed in are already spicy enough to drench you in sweats.

As a not-so-heavy chili user, we usually order our bowls of Hokkien Mee without the chili paste.


We find the spiciness in the soup itself is good enough for us, while adding the extra chili paste tends to overwhelm the soup.

With a 60 years old well-kept recipe, the richness from the soup is really well-balanced and flavourful.

We even think that it is way better than the well-known Green House Hokkien Mee.

The food court is currently run by a pair of elderly couple, you may want to consider "self-service" for your drinks as you will most likely need it from the spicy Hokkien Mee.

Although not many stalls are in operation at this food court, the place can get really packed during the morning (and especially on the weekends).

Fortunately, there are reasonable amount of parking spaces available.

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