Caffeine Chemistry Coffee at Nagore Road

This is by far one of the best handcrafted gelato and waffles in Penang

Caffeine Chemistry Coffee at Nagore Road

If you're craving for sweet treats or simply want a good fix for the hot weather, this humble cafe tucked along Nagore Road may just be the good fit that is worth checking out.

Even if you're here with an already full tummy, we would still recommend you to get a scoop of their alcohol infused gelato.

After all, one scoop wouldn't do any harm to sweeten up the evening right? ๐Ÿ˜

Alcohol Coffee Gelato at Caffeine Chemistry, Nagore Road
Alcohol Coffee Gelato

But to be honest, we really want you to go full on with the waffles and pick any two gelato flavours or three if you like. (bring a partner in crime!)

Handcrafted Gelato and Waffles
Handcrafted Gelato and Waffles

We love how crispy their waffles are on the outside, while the inside stays really fluffy.

This, by far is the best waffles we can find in Penang island, according to many sweet tooths (us included).


The gelato on the other hand, are sweet but not too sweet; with hints of alcohol infused flavours, like rums or whisky.

Brownies and Gelato, Caffeine Chemistry, Penang
Brownies at Caffeine Chemistry

And then, there's also this brownies that we really don't want you to miss.

It's warm, on the inside; sweet, creamy, pair that with another scoop of gelato;

It's like a combination of heaven, and heaven, go figure! ๐Ÿ˜

And then, there's frozen tiramisuโ€ฆ with Kahlua!

Frozen Tiramisu - Caffeine Chemistry, Penang
Frozen Tiramisu

And also a few simple variety of pasta with playful flavours, if you're not already filled up with those gelato or simply just want a quick meal.

Korean Bacon Spaghetti - Caffeine Chemistry, Penang
Korean Bacon Spaghetti
Caffeine Chemistry Foods - Nagore Square, Penang
Pasta and pancakes

And oh, don't forget to order their Apple Mint for the hot day fix!

It goes well even after gelato!

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