Green House Hokkien Prawn Mee at Burma Road

The sweet, spicy prawn broth is unmatchable with their chili paste.

Green House Hokkien Prawn Mee at Burma Road

You also get to add as much or as little of chili to your preference from the chili paste container provided at every table.

It's quite hard for us not to request for any add-ons like extra shrimps, roasted pork belly whenever we visit this stall during our dinner or supper.

Penang Green House Prawn Noodle
Green House Hokkien Mee Corner

Penang Green House Hokkien Mee

Unlike the old green house located further upfront of this same Burma Road, this Green House Prawn Mee Corner starts their business as early as 9am in the morning till late night.

This is a good opportunity for early birds who enjoy having their hokkien mee instead of having to wait for dinner.


Both the stalls are selling the iconic Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup), where you get to order extra toppings, from meat balls, sausages, pork skins, intestines to roasted pork belly and extra sweet shrimps.

Green House Hokkien Mee, Burma Road Penang
Green House Hokkien Mee with addons

Apart from that, you also get to customize the noodles to your preference.

Have it with the traditional rice vermicelli and yellow noodle; ask for maggie mee (instant noodle) or even with koay teow upgrade.

Either way, you still get the same goodness of a bowl of sweet prawn broth bathed noodles.

We also like the idea of having a generous pot of chili paste on each table, so we could add as much or as little chili as we need to our bowls.

There are currently two Green House Hokkien Mee locations in Penang, both located along Burmah Road.

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