Wong Chau Jun Spicy Sour Fish Bee Hoon at Rangoon Road

Spicy sour soup or the premium soy sauce steamed hor fun are equally great at pleasing your taste buds.

Wong Chau Jun Spicy Sour Fish Bee Hoon at Rangoon Road

This place is famed for their fresh fish and seafoods; and their fish slices has definitely live up to the name of Wang Chao Jun, an ancient famous lady who has a silky smooth skin.

Wong Chau Jun restaurant is one of the oldest, well-known spicy sour fish bee hoon place in Penang.

The place makes a great brunch spots be it during the week days or weekends.


You should come as early as possible or expect a short wait as it can get really busy during lunch hour.

Wang Chau Jun Restaurant, Rangoon Road Penang
Wang Chau Jun Restaurant

As you enter this place, the photos of their signature dishes are mostly displayed on the walls.

This restaurant is well-known for their claypot spicy sour fish bee hoon soup, which you'll probably see ordered by most the tables around you.

Claypot Spicy Sour Fish Bee Hoon Soup
Spicy Sour Fish Bee Hoon

The addictive spicy sour soup is especially appetizing. It tastes like a clear version of tomyam soup with similar ingredients like lemongrass, cili padi and lime juice.


The fresh fish slices does indeed live up to its restaurant's name — Wang Chau Jun, one of the four famous concubines known for her silky smooth skin. The fish slices were really fresh and silky smooth.

Steamed Fish Hor Fun at Wang Chao Jun
Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun
Wang Chau Jun Steamed Hor Fun
Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun
Steamed Hor Fun at Wang Chau Jun Penang
Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun

If you're not up for a spicy hot meal, another great choice would be the Steamed Fish Hor Fun. It is drenched with a combination of premium soy sauce, chinese wine, garlic oil and ginger strips after steaming.

The extra wide hor fun then soaks up all the sweetness from the fresh fish slices. The flavors were clean and tongue-pleasing.

With either or both the above dishes you choose, you can't complete the meal here without checking out their Signature Tofu.

Signature Tofu at Wang Chao Jun, Penang
Signature Tofu

The silky smooth tofu is deep fried externally till light brown to allow a layer of umami sauce to be coated. It is simple and yet great way to complete a enjoyable lunch experience here.

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