Best Penang Wantan Mee

These quick and satisfying meal may look simple on the outside, until you have tasted a really good one.

Best Penang Wantan Mee

Wantan Mee is a very popular choice in Penang, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So it's not hard for you to come across a hawker stall serving wantan mee no matter which hour of the day, or night. Apart from that, every stall also serves a different variations of this chinese noodle dish.

It is simple, quick and more importantly, tasty meal.

Some of us like the dry version, which are either dressed with dark soy sauce or starchy gravy; while others prefer theirs served in a bowl of hot broth.

Whether is it the soup version or the dry version, they are both delicious and tempting.

That is why, we decided to share with you a list of the best Wan Tan Mee places in Penang.


Next time when you need to get your cravings fixed, there will always be a place that won't disappoint.

So let's check them out!

Best Wantan Mee Places in Penang

Wantan Mee at Argyll Road

This famous Penang wantan mee located at Argyll Road has been moving around between Tai Wah and Chee Meng cafe. It has finally settled down at Chee Meng cafe. Whether you like soup or dried wantan mee, this has to be one of the best you can find in Penang.

Weng Kei Wantan Mee at Carnarvon Street

This is by far one of the best roasted pork you can find in Penang. The charsiew is also super tender and juicy.

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